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What are the Benefits of Burning Incense?

What are the Benefits of Burning Incense?


What are the Benefits of Burning Incense?

Incense Helps You Find Your Creativity - It’s true. Whether you burn a lavender for calm and focus, or a sandalwood for grounding and peace, burning incense has long been a way in which artists of all kinds find their flow.

Incense Can Deepen Your Spiritual Practice - As we have said before, burning incense is a deeply spiritual experience. Using holy scents and sacred oils are a way to connect to the more-than-human realm. Burning incense can clear stagnant energy allowing you to connect to the divine with ease.

Incense Can Help You Relax - Burning fragrances and aromas that are known to relax and de-stress are perfect for helping you get to sleep, or to deepen your meditation or yoga practice. Scents like jasmine and lavender are great for relaxation. Using a waterfall incense burner is a great way to add a visual element to your relaxation exercises; often finding something to focus your eyes on can help calm the mind chatter. 

Incense Makes You Feel Grounded - Whether you burn incense in your home, your office or your sacred space, the feeling of being grounded is needed now more than ever. By coupling your favourite incense with an incense holder or an incense backflow burner that suits the aesthetic of your space, you will inevitably begin to feel more grounded, calm and ready to take on any challenges that may come your way.

Incense Can Improve Your Meditation and Yoga Practice - When it comes to finding calm and serenity, there is nothing that brings these feelings about more effectively than meditation and yoga. Burning incense is a widely adopted way to add more depth and connection in your practices. By awakening your sense of smell, alongside awakening your mind through breath and concious control of your mind, you will find flow with ease.