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About Us!

About Us!

Welcome to Incense Burner NZ, an online store home to a highly curated collection of incense, incense burners and incense holders designed to suit your space. We source only the highest quality incense and incense accessories for our esteemed customers. Incense Burner is New Zealand’s premium provider of incense.

Our incense offerings are comprehensive, throughout our online store you will find a wide array of scented incense sticks and incense cones. Our range of products also includes incense burners and incense holders, in addition to our highly popular incense waterfall burners. You can click here to browse our online store.

Incense Burner is a recent start-up company born from a desire to serve everyone who is drawn to the peace and focus that burning incense can bring. We focus on delivering the highest quality products in an accessible and affordable way. We join our outstanding customer service skills and business sense with our personal passion and interest in the health benefits of incense to serve our customers with an experience that inspires them to come back again and again.

We created Incense Burner out of a deep set appreciation for the spiritual and atmospheric benefits of burning incense. Whether for focus or for peace, for bringing in new energy or clearing negative odours, as a team we at Incense Burner NZ have a real understanding of the benefits incense can bring to a wide range of people. We opened Incense Burner Store to serve you.

Burning Incense is a ritual to be preserved and celebrated. For millennia in cultures all around the world incense has been burned and ritual cultivated. Incense is a plant based product and the scents of each incense stick or cone are harvested from sacred or highly aromatic plants. Incense can be made from bark, roots, flowers, resins or essential oils all found in plants. Whether you are seeking incense to burn in ceremony or ritual, to repel insects, to hone focus in your meditation or help ease you off to sleep, you’re in the right place to find the perfect incense for you here at the Incense Burner NZ.