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    An introduction to Incense Holders!
    Incense holders are ornaments that are designed to hold incense while it burns. Incense holders are usually used to hold incense sticks in place and come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Incense holders are as scared as holy incense themselves. In Ancient Egypts and in the great Cathedrals of Europe, incense was burned in gold kettles and casks, often swung from the rafters to ensure that the aroma’s filled every inch of the space.
    Incense holders for the home are much smaller and there is truly a design to suit every space. From retro to minimal, from animals to flowers, incense holders are a wonderful way to introduce ornaments into your space that reflect your personality, or the mood you want to create in the space.
    Why Use an Incense Holder?
    Using an incense can elevate the incense burning experience to no end. Incense burners have both a practical and experiential benefit to anyone using incense.  
    1. Using an Incense Holder is Safe - Burning incense in a safe way is the most important thing to take into consideration before you light your incense. Incense holders keep your incense stick, cone or coil in a still position away from anything flammable. This gives you peace of mind that allows you to drift away with the aromas.
    2. Incense Holders Help Aromas to Flow - Incense holders have been designed to help optimise the flow of the burning incense around the room. The holders keep the incense in exactly the right position to help the fragrance circulate the space with ease.
    3. Incense Holders are Clean - Burning incense isn’t messy but the ash can be a little tricky to clear up if it has been blown by a passing breeze. Some incense holders have an in-built ash catching space so ensure that all you need to do before your next incense burning session is tap the cool ash into the compost bin. Because incense is organic, ash can be tipped into your organic or non-organic waste.
    Incense holders are an essential element of the burning incense experience. The Incense Burner Store has a stunning range of incense burners that have been curated with our loyal customers in mind. We invite you to take some time to browse our online store, we are sure you will find the perfect incense burner for you.