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    Below is an introductory insight of Incense Cones, Coils & Sticks
    Incense Sticks
    Incense Sticks are the most recognisable and widely used form of incense. The spindly sticks are made of bamboo and are used in homes, temples, churches and sacred spaces all around the world. The most widely used types of incense sticks are around 6-inches long and burn for 20-30minutes. There are much larger and longer burning incense sticks that are ideal for big spaces or to burn outside too.
    Incense Sticks are made from splintered bamboo sticks that is rolled in the incense solution or paste. Some incense sticks are hand rolled while others are soaked in the incense solution and dried in the sun. Both bamboo and the incense solution are all naturally sourced and environmentally friendly. 
    How to Use Incense Sticks:
    1. Find a good spot. There should be good ventilation and nothing flammable within close proximity. The surface should be flat and able to hold your incense holder and stick still.
    2. Choose your incense scent - are you in need of grounded or focus, or calm or increased energy. Take a moment to think about what fragrance is calling to you!
    3. Light the top of the incense stick with a lighter or a match. Let the flame burn for 5-7 and gently blow the flame out, leaving the tip of the incense stick to glow red. Do not light the middle of the incense stick.
    4. Place the stick in the holder, step back and let the incense work its magic.
    Incense cones are perhaps not as widely used as incense sticks yet possess the same calming qualities and are a wonderful option to consider. Incense cones burn just as easily as incense sticks, come in the same range of fragrances and are just as affordable. Remember, however, incense cones must be used in an incense backflow burner for the best effect.
    There are a few hidden benefits to burning incense cones. They often back a more intense fragrance hit due to their compacted nature and are a little easier to clear up as the ash puddles in one spot. They burn for 20-30 minutes and due to the more intense fragrance, linger for a little longer in the space they are used in.
    Incense Coils
    Incense coils are made from a similar aromatic paste to incense cones. Incense coils, as their name suggests, are sculpted into a coil formation and burn gently around the coiled shape. Sometimes incense coils are made from a wire coil that is rolled in the aromatic incense paste, and others are made only from the aromatic paste.
    Incense coils are most popular for incense fragrances designed to repel insects. The wide coil shape helps the aroma to travel across a wider area quickly. Most incense coils are created as air fresheners or insect repellents, this is why they sometimes contain a petroleum-based combustible