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    Ultimate In Peace

    NZD$139.95 NZD$79.95
    Light grey
    The Ultimate Peace burner delivers complete serenity. On a small wooden bench sits a figure in prayer, beneath a willowy tree and beside a symbolic lotus. Sitting within the circle that...

    Waterfall Incense Burner

    The Waterfall Incense Burner is an understated incense burner ideal for minimalist spaces or to introduce the calming benefits of incense to your workspace. Burning incense is known to help foster creativity...

    Creative Back Flow Waterfall

    NZD$49.95 NZD$39.95
    With subtle earthy hues of brown and turquoise the Ceramic Creative Back Flow Incense Burner is a gorgeous ornament. Place a lit incense tower or cone at the top of...

    Zen Warrior

    NZD$79.95 NZD$49.95
    01Great Sage
    The Zen Warrior incense burner is designed to bring out the warrior in you. Inside the clear chamber sits a zen warrior. Once the incense is lit the backflow pulls...

    Loyal Dream Pourer

    NZD$79.95 NZD$54.95
    2 style
    The Loyal Dream Pourer features a monk pouring from a teapot into a dainty tea cup. Light your backflow incense tower and rest it on the tea pot. As the...

    Pineapple Waterfall Incense Burner

    NZD$59.95 NZD$39.95
    Aromatherapy oven
    In many cultures the pineapple is a sign of hospitality, which is why ornamental pineapples are often found in decorative spots in communal spaces. The Pineapple Inverted Incense Burner is...

    Waterfall Incense Burner. Including 20 Cones!

    NZD$39.95 NZD$29.95
    Waterfalls are nature’s mediation. There is nothing quite like sitting close to a waterfall to help you feel grounded, calm and closer to peace. The Waterfall Incense Burner offers you...

    Buddha Incense Burner, Includes 20 Cones!

    NZD$49.95 NZD$29.95
    In Buddhist cultures it is a daily practice to light incense and make merit to the Lord Buddha. Buddhism encourages peace and loving kindness. Lighting incense can help enhance our...

    Dream Pourer

    NZD$79.95 NZD$49.95
    Waterfalls are nature’s mediation. There is nothing quite like sitting close to a waterfall to help you feel grounded, calm and closer to peace. The Dream Pourer Incense Burner offers...

    Patient Dragon - Includes 20 Cones!

    NZD$99.95 NZD$49.95
    The Patient Dragon is a truly unique incense burner. Designed for backflow incense cones, the Acrylic Hood Back Incense Burner draws the smoke down into the clear chamber creating a stunning visual...

    Peace & Patience - Shuni Mudra. Includes 10 Cones!)

    NZD$99.95 NZD$59.95
    Featuring the Shuni Mudra, also known as the seal of patience, the Purple Sand Back Incense Burner is an ornamental symbol of peace and patience. Burning an incense tower or...
    An Introduction to Waterfall & Backflow Incense Burners

    Waterfall and Backflow Incense Burners are our most popular incense options at Incense Burner NZ. These magical ornaments have the power to not only circulate your incense through your space in the most relaxing way, but also offer a stunning visual meditation.

    Backflow burners are oftentimes more ornamental than incense holders. Backflow incense burners draw the fragrant incense smoke down and over the sculpted ornament creating an atmospheric flow that soothes and calms.

    Insence Burner Store has a wide range of waterfall incense burners that are made from a gorgeous glazed ceramic. Each one is handmade meaning each on unquie, just like every incense burning experience is unique.

    Waterfall and Backflow Burners can be used as ornaments as well as incense burners. They make for great visual aids during your mediation, prayer or yoga practice. Using a visual aid, such as a waterfall incense burner can help bring about greater calm and serenity. Allow your eyes to follow the gentle curls of smoke as they pass over the scuplted ceramic waterfall, flowers or figurines.

    The ornamental backflow incense burners available in the Incense Burner NZ have been intentionally curated to offer something for everyone. We have sourced backflow burners to suit every space. From the office to the garden, from your bedroom to your meditation space, we have an incense burner that will complete the decor of your space. Burning incense is widely acknowledged to have the capcity to clear negative or stagnant energy in a space. Once cleared, positive energy, focus, clarity, calm and joy can be welcomed in. 

    Explore the Incense Burner Store now to find the perfect waterfall incense burner for your space.